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200+ cities and growing fast!

Reach almost 50 million people at the lowest ad rates in the industry.

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2016 is Beasel's 26th year producing high quality, localized publications for engaged neighborhoods just like yours.

It all started with one monthly magazine, distributed for free around town in Nebraska.

Since then, Beasel has added more in-depth quarterly issues and has expanded into over 200 locations. Some other magazines call them local markets, but to us, they're neighborhoods and communities.


Over the years, our committment to compelling stories and content within our publications has won Beasel many awards, including "Best of the Best 2016" and more. Beasel consistantly ranks among the winners in the majority of our market's local yearly survey results.

Of course, we're not counting awards. We're committed to bringing Beasel into millions of reader's hands every month, and ensuring our brand continues to inspire and lead.

Winner of over 400 high-quality publication awards since 1990!

Magazine advertising?
That's so 1990.

With the advent of social media and constant online news, many advertisers have ventured out into the online advertising space to market their business.

While some have found success online, many we talk to find the ever increasing ad costs, low consumer engagement and glaring security issues a crushing blow to their business.

Magazine ads have none of those problems, and in fact, generate a longer lasting impression on the people you're trying to reach. Countless studies have confirmed that a digital ad "exists" for only 6 seconds. Someone sees it, they click on it, and it's gone forever. Beasel's pages offer weeks, months and years of nested space for your effort. Not to mention, our readers actually enjoy our publications.

Join over 42,000 advertisers who have chosen Beasel as a means to reach new customers, clients and consumers. Beasel is circulated online and by local distribution centers around the US. You can reach as little as 200 people, to almost 50 million, all lazer targeted and with the lowest ad rates in the industry.

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Beasel has the lowest ad
costs in the industry. Period.

Beasel is different. We offer minimal ad prices within our premium publications.

Why? That's just how we operate. We were founded on the principle that magazines should be enjoyed by not only the reader, but by those who trust us with ad space for their hard work.

Beasel's rate are so low because we only charge for the online version - the issues we publish on our website and through our electronic distribution channels.

Your ads still appear in our printed publications as well - for free.

We can offer this unique procedure due to low printing costs and through valuable partnerships with local distributors.

Look at the cost to advertise in any other national magazine. You'll quickly find Beasel offers the lowest ad rate against any of them, but still maintains a more loyal readership base and better returns on your low investment.

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Ad Size Beasel Others
Full page$160$3500
Half Page$80$1500
Fouth Page$40$750

Now in 200+ Locations
and Growing Fast!

Beasel is circulated online and by local distribution centers around the US.

You can reach as little as 200 people, to almost 50 million, all targeted and with the lowest ad rates in the industry.

Through loyal partnerships with our local distributors, each issue of a Beasel publication is digitally sent out to over 200 markets. Then, each partner uses our contracted, low printing rates to produce a variable amount of printed issues for their local readership base.

Some markets have only 200 readers, while larger towns need to distribute hundreds of thousands of copies each quarter.


Beasel is read in many places throughout the United States, and each market is unique. Most coffee shops, restaurants, and various agencies (like insurance, rental car and professional services) request extra copies from distributors every month to keep up with demand.

Medical offices, hospitals and airports also carry our magazine with high regard.

Our biggest hit is inside stores, at the front door and spread throughout the cafe portion.

Our readership is large, loyal and enjoy reading Beasel every time they get it.

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Join 42,000 advertisers
who reach 50 million readers.

Beasel is popular. Small business owners all over the US utilize the lowest advertising rates in the industry to match their business with highly engaged readers.

Here's some of the latest reviews from marketing campaigns launched within the past 6 months.

"I put both my Etsy and Scentsy jobs in Beasel for 4 months and the first day it was out, I had over 40 new orders. I usually do 3 orders a day!

I'm going to place an order to advertise in every new issue!

- Jennifer D(Lincoln, Nebraska)

"I'm only 17 and my web design thing did really well. Got like 10 new people wanting websites so that was cool. You guys at Beasel even gave me a discount to keep my stuff in the mag and it looked awesome."

- Valerie D (Chicago, Illinois)

"Thus far, we've placed 12 different types of ads in Beasel. Our shipping center was almost overloaded, but that's good!

During the Seasonal rush, our Beasel marketing campaign brought in revenue we've never saw before! I honestly never thought a magazine could work this well."

I'm going to place an order to advertise in every new issue!

- Jeremy S (Fremont, California)

"Our museum had 1800% more visitors in the first month after we ran with Beasel and every damn person came with the coupon that Courtney suggested when we placed the ad. Incredible!"

- Randy N (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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